Saturday, January 12, 2013

What is state machine workflow? and when to use state machine workflow?

The State machine workflow perform different action in response to discrete

events .Here we define state and state transition.Basically the are useful

when we do not the sequence of activities that we want to performs,or the

set of possible combination of paths through the workflow is tooo large or


What is Sequential Workflow?

Basically the sequential workflow performs one action after another in

sequence from start to finish.

What are the different types of Workflows?

Sequential Workflow and

Statemachine Workflow.

What are activities?

The workflows are built with activities.The are a set of functionality which

performs the different tasks.

the workflow framework includes a base activity library which provides out

of the box activity as well as base classes for building custom activity.

What is the role of Hosting Application [w.r.t. Workflow]

It provides the execution context for the runtime engine along with any

application specific services that may be needed to support the workflow

being executed..

What is the work of Runtime Engine?

Basically it provide workflow

a>Execution Environment

b>State Management



e>Tracking Capabilities.

In how many parts the Workflow Architecture is divided?

There are fundamentally three parts of the WF framework

a>The Runtime Engine

b>Hosting Application

c>Activities [Out of the box and Custom]

What is the architecture of workflow [in brief]?

Basically the workflow consists of Runtime Engine and Aprogramming model

with tools for workflow developers.

Note: Windows workflow is a part of .net framework version 3.0[WinFX] ,which

includes WCF and WPF.

What is Workflow foundation ?

Its a process automation platform.In short ,its a way to build the workflow

enabled solutions on the windows platform.

Basically it provides a generalized architecture for delivering the feature

rich Businesss automation solution ,at the same time it can be integrated

into the existing solutions.